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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a legal process that you may be able to use to eliminate or reduce your debts. Many of our clients choose to file bankruptcy because it is the least expensive and most efficient way for them to deal with all of their debt. Without bankruptcy you are forced to deal with each of your creditors separately, but one of the biggest advantages of bankruptcy is that it allows you to take care of all of your creditors at the same time using a single legal process.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy Is your business is in financial trouble? Wondering whether bankruptcy is necessary or helpful for your situation? The only way to find out is to speak to a Denver bankruptcy attorney who specializes in business bankruptcies.
While business’s can file bankruptcy in their own right, most business owners personally guarantee their debt, which necessitates the owner to file for bankruptcy, not the business. Business’s do not receive discharge, only people.

Chapter 13

Some of our clients choose Chapter 13 over Chapter 7 because they have property, such as their residence, that would be sold if they filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 allows them to keep their property and pay their debts over several years. Every case is unique, and our attorneys can help you determine which chapter of bankruptcy is right for you.


"We are a Bankruptcy Law Firm in Denver, Co. Jane Roberson our Attorney has helped over 5500 clients through the bankruptcy process. Whether you need Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or Business Bankruptcy we can help. We offer a free consultation so give us a call and go over all your options. We are here to help!"



Oh my goodness!! These guys at this law firm are THE BEST!! From the very first meeting to the last, their staff went above and beyond to meet my needs. Tracy was always very easy to get in touch with, she was very helpful and prompt to helping me with things I needed. Jane also was so professional and caring with informing me on everything that I needed to do as well as what was to come! The ENTIRE staff made the whole Bankruptcy process very easy and un frustrating. I am truly thankful for the caring professionalism that was displayed to me! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


We Are Here To Help!

2301 Blake Street, Ste 100

Denver, CO 80205


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